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Money is the #1 Cause of Relationship Problems

There are many different things that can put increased strain on a relationship but according to the results of a recent survey, one of the key factors is money related worries. The results of the study showed that money was

Democratic Report Says Payday Lenders Contributing to GOP Politicians

The next time a Republican Congressman or Senator provides support to the payday loan industry, you may want to ask what their motivation is. One report suggests it may be a campaign contribution reason. According to a new report from

ERLC Launches Coalition to Help Payday Loan Borrowers

The Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) has launched a religious coalition to finish the predatory lending practices of the payday lenders in the country. The ERLC collaborated with other religious organizations to come up with ‘Faith for

McDonald’s Sales Tumble Again Amid Modern Makeover

Are consumers lovin’ or hatin’ McDonald’s these days? Well, let’s just say they’re lovin’ it less. McDonald’s announced Tuesday that its global sales fell 1.7 percent last month, including a significant four percent reduction in the United States, a country