Money is the #1 Cause of Relationship Problems

There are many different things that can put increased strain on a relationship but according to the results of a recent survey, one of the key factors is money related worries. The results of the study showed that money was a top cause of stress amongst Americans and also one of the leading causes of relationship problems.

The survey was carried out by the American Psychological Association. The data that was compiled by the association showed that only 40 percent of Americans thought that they were in a good position when it came to their savings, which means that 60 percent have some level of financial stress to cope with.

Getting finances into order

Experts involved in the research said that while many Americans simply spent time dwelling over their financial situations causing them to get even more stressed, it was important for people to help themselves by taking steps to improve their finances. Officials said that Americans should carry out a financial health check on themselves at least once a year, which meant going through every aspect of their finances from their spending and income to their savings and retirement goals.

By carrying out this sort of financial health check, Americans can ensure that they are on track or working towards getting on track with their finances. This in turn can help to dramatically reduce financial strain, which will then have a positive knock-on effect on relationships and other areas of life such as work. Financial worries can also have an effect on overall health, as the stress associated with this situation can result in physiological problems.

Debt is another area of finance that is having an effect on the stress levels of many Americans, as many find themselves tackling a variety of different debts and paying out a fortune each month in repayments. However, in order to reduce the strain of managing debt and reduce monthly repayments consumers can look at solutions such as debt consolidation. This could be fewer creditors to deal with and a lower monthly repayment, which will help to ease the financial strain.

The 9th Annual American Saves Week Survey, which was carried out recently, painted a worrying picture of the state of America’s finances when it came to saving. With less than half of the population making good progress when it comes to savings, it reflects the financial woes that many households face when it comes to their finances.

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