Tim Cook is Expected to Reveal Apple Watch Specs Today

The world has been buzzing about Apple’s Watch. Analysts have been giving their sales estimates, experts have been commenting on the success of the device, consumers have been debating on different forums whether the watch will be a hit or a miss…and today the Watch will finally be unveiled.

It is expected that Tim Cook will reveal all the secretes about the watch that are still unknown such as its battery time. As per Apple’s custom the Watch will be launched at the Apple Event, which is in progress at the moment.

What are the analysts saying about the watch?

Analysts have come up with two possibilities; one segment believes that the watch will create history (in the wearable market), just like iPhone 6, and Apple will finally have a second star product and Tim Cook will have his first new product category success. They believe that Apple Watch will eventually capture the biggest market share for smartwatches leaving behind its biggest rival (as far as smartphones are concerned) Samsung.

According to some analysts almost 10% of the total iPad and iPhone users will purchase the watch, these will be the ardent Apple fans. This 10% will buy the watch within the first two years giving Apple sales of 25 million units within 18 months of the Watch’s launch.

The other segment believes the watch will be a failure, may not be a major one, but it will not be able to compete with its own iPhone; it may become another iPad.

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has a lot riding on the watch, and not just in terms of sales. Apple Watch, as mentioned before, is his first major new category launch. Critics will have a field day if Cook failed to achieve success with the Watch. He will be compared to Steve Jobs and will have to face “allegations” of being not as talented as the founder of Apple.

What are the features?

Apple Watch will be compatible with iPhone and will allow users to check notifications, texts, emails, phone calls and health readings.

The watch will also be compatible with Apple Pay, which will allow users to make transactions using the watch.

One of the downsides of the watch is that you will have to carry your iPhone 5 or above for the watch to function fully. A few experts believe that Apple may make the watch completely independent in the future; however Apple may not want to do any such thing.

Will it bring iPhone’s downfall?

With its Apple Watch, Apple is looking to have a second big product; it does not want to replace its own iPhone that brings in the big bugs for the company. So the answer to this question is no! Apple may have made things difficult for its iPad by bringing in its phablet phone, but it will not do anything to put its premium product at risk.

However the question is what if Apple’s competitors start to bring in completely independent watches that need no support? What will the tech giant do then?

This question may pose a dilemma for the tech company; it will have to choose between creating a scenario where Apple (watch) will go against Apple (iPhone) or keep making its iPhone better and better, leaving behind Cook’s beloved Apple Watch.

However, for the time being, it seems Apple may not face such a situation because so far the wearable market is without a leader.

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